Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Vol.41 No.0

Current Issue
영산신학저널 제41호 목차


41(0) 1-1, 2017

영산신학저널 제41호 Preface

Mun Hong Choi

41(0) 4-5, 2017

Ecumenical and/or Evangelical: Locating the Fivefold Gospel of Youngsan Yonggi Cho

William T. Purinton

41(0) 7-36, 2017


Demon Possession and Psychopathology

Paulson Pulikottil

41(0) 37-60, 2017


Luke 16:14-31 and Luke’s Purpose

Robert P. Menzies

41(0) 61-97, 2017


Pentecostal Homiletics

Mun Chul Shin , Jinny Kim

41(0) 99-127, 2017


The Edification of the Church as Paul’s Primary Concern in His Defense of Jesus’ Bodily Resurrection and His Apostleship: An Exegetical Analysis of 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Seunghyun Simon Lee

41(0) 129-153, 2017


Re-envisioning the Reformer’s Spirituality, Provisioning the Reformed Spiritual Reality: Toward a Reforming of the Misunderstanding of Martin Luther’s View on the Epistle of James

Dae Kyung Jun

41(0) 155-194, 2017


The Idea of Liberty between Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Stuart Mill for the Understanding of Christian Political Education

Seong-hun Choi

41(0) 195-219, 2017


A Study of the Rationales for the Feasibility and Necessity of Authentic Forgiveness

Chinyeul Yu

41(0) 221-245, 2017


영산신학저널 제41호 Contributors (printed in order) etc.


41(0) 248-260, 2017