Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Editorial Committee Regulations of Youngsan Theological Institute

Article 1 (Name)

The name of the committee is the Editorial Committee in accordance with the article 17 of Regulations of Youngsan Theological Institute.

Article 2 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Committee is to further researches both for the pastoral theology of Rev. Youngsan Yonggi Cho (hereinafter Youngsan), and for Pentecostal theology so that they may be assessed more legitimately and objectively in Christian organizations and academic institutions, developing forums to present and share them, and enhancing the standard of Korean theological community. For this purpose the Editorial Committee shall be established to take charge of the overall related affairs.

Article 3 (Members)

  • 1. The Editorial Committee consists less than ten members including a chief editor.
  • 2. The chief editor shall be elected by mutual votes under the supervision of the Director of Youngsan Theological Institute.

Article 4 (Qualifications)

1. Editorial members must be PhD holders who have researched in their fields for more than 3 years with academic achievements who can play a leading role in the field.

2. Editorial members must be researchers who have more than 5 research results including articles published in international or national academic journals, books (or a translation with academic value), and a patent.

Article 5 (Term)

The chief editor and members have two-year tenure and can be reappointed. An election will take place when a position is vacated, and the elected person will take the remaining term of his/her predecessor.

Article 6 (Meeting)

The chief editor convenes the committee meetings three times a year. If needed, the meetings can be held and via e-mail or video calls.

Article 7 (Role)

The committee is in charge of the following matters:

  • 1. Advising to the contributors
  • 2. Advising on the appointments of evaluators
  • 3. Deciding on the publication of an evaluated paper
  • 4. Deciding on other issues related to the publication

Article 8 (Name of Journal)

The academic journal edited and published by the committee has both Korean and English versions. The Korean version is titled 『영산신학저널』, while the English version is Journal of Youngsan Theology (JYT).

Article 9 (Publication of Journal)

Journal of Youngsan Theology is published in March 31, June 30, Sept. 30 (English) and Dec. 31. If there are more than munuscripts the journal can accomodate, supplements can be published.

Article 10 (Editing)

The committee is responsible for organizing and editing papers in the journal.

Article 11 (Submission)

The committee has and follows specific guidelines for paper submitting.

Article 12 (Submission)

Contributors who are eligible for submitting a paper to the committee are those who are currently taking or have obtained a Ph.D./Th.D degree and who are interested in Youngsan Theology and Pentecostal Theology.

Article 13 (Qualifications of Referees) Peer Reviewers

The evaluators appointed by the committee must have such qualifications as having for more than three years in teaching and research after obtaining a Ph.D./Th.D degree either from a university in Korea or elsewhere. They consist a group of three or more and will be paid a substantial amount for evaluating papers. They are appointed by the committee when they receive a majority of the votes.

Article 14 (Evaluation Regulation)

The committee has and follows the specific regulations for the evaluation.

Article 15 (Notification of the Final Result)

Once decided, the final result of the paper evaluation shall be notified to the contributor within a week.

Article 16 (Distribution of Journal)

The journals published from this committee shall be distributed to the researchers of Youngsan Theology or Youngsan Ministry, regular subscribers of Journal of Youngsan Theology, and college (seminary) libraries.

Article 17 (Publishing and Printing)

The chairman of the board of Hansei University shall be the publisher of every work, and Hansei University Press decides the specifics regarding the printing and publishing, manufacturing and distribution.

Article 18 (Copyright and Publication right)

Youngsan Theological Institute has both a copyright of all the works confirmed to be published and the publication rights.

Supplementary Provisions

  • 1. For the things unspecified in this regulation, follow the custom.
  • 2. The regulation shall enter into force on September 1, 2003.
  • 3. The revised regulation shall be implemented on September 1, 2009.
  • 4. The revised regulation shall be implemented on September 1, 2010.
  • 5. The revised regulation shall be implemented on June 8, 2012.