Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Vol.37 No.0

Current Issue
영산신학저널 제37호 목차


37(0) 1-1, 2016

영산신학저널 제37호 Preface

Mun Chul Shin

37(0) 4-5, 2016

Baptism with the Holy Spirit in Youngsan Teaching, Today and Tomorrow

Max Turner

37(0) 7-36, 2016


“Suffering ... Why Me?”: The Threefold Blessing and Manifold Sufferings in the Pentecostal Theology of Hope of Pastor David Yonggi Cho

Veli-matti Kärkkäinen

37(0) 37-69, 2016


Youngsan Theology in the Interface between Science and Religion

Tereso C. Casiño

37(0) 71-103, 2016


A Theological Study: Praying and Speaking (Glosolalia) in the Holy Spirit Based on Ephesians 6:18 and Its Implementation for the Life of the Believers

Kusuma Samuel

37(0) 105-135, 2016


1 Corinthians 14:21 and Its Intertexts of Isaiah 28:11 and 3 Hodayot

Sungjong Kim

37(0) 137-158, 2016


An Alternative Pneumatological Epistemology and Its Praxis in a Text-Driven Preaching Based on the Speech Act Theory (SAT)

Duck Hyun Kim

37(0) 159-181, 2016


Christian Unification Education of Pentecostal Theology and Juche Ideology: Viewed through Political Thought by Luther, Calvin, and Machiavelli

Seong-hun Choi

37(0) 183-214, 2016


A Study on the Theological Framework of Beyerhaus’Missiology in the Light of the Kingdom Perspective from Youngsan Theology

Eun Hong Kim

37(0) 215-251, 2016


영산신학저널 제37호 Contributors


37(0) 254-260, 2016

The Regulations of the Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University


37(0) 261-304, 2016