Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Vol.34 No.0

Current Issue
영산신학저널 통권34호 목차


34(0) 1-1, 2015

영산신학저널 통권34호 Preface

Gwi Sam Cho

34(0) 4-5, 2015

Jesus, Tongues, and the Long Ending of Mark

Robert P. Menzies

34(0) 7-30, 2015

Pentecostals and the Bible

Keith Warrington

34(0) 31-80, 2015

Cultivating Disciples in The Way of Jesus Christ: An Incarnational, Trinitarian Paradigm for Christian Education

Robert K. Martin

34(0) 81-115, 2015

Reverend Youngsan Yonggi Cho and Christian Education

Kyung Soon Park

34(0) 117-148, 2015

Critique on Nestorianism from the Perspective of Contextualization

Hung Ho Chong

34(0) 149-174, 2015

A Study of the Model of Chinese Diaspora Mission: Reverend Yonggi Cho’s Christian Education of Asia Christian Conference

Han Yeh Chang

34(0) 175-220, 2015

A Human Scientific Study on the Meaning of “the Dreams and Visions” in Reverend Yonggi Cho’s Theology of the Fourth Dimension

Byoung Hoon Kim

34(0) 221-249, 2015