Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Vol.31 No.0

Current Issue
영산신학저널 통권31호 목차


31(0) 1-1, 2014

영산신학저널 통권31호 Preface

Gwi Sam Cho

31(0) 1-2, 2014

The Filial Nature of God s Purposes for Humanity and the Evangelical Nature of Repentance: Theological Reflections on the Sermons of Rev. Cho

Alan J. Torrance

31(0) 7-32, 2014

Examining Yonggi Cho s Success as a Preacher from the New Paradigm of Spirituality & Religion

Tham Wan Yee

31(0) 33-62, 2014

The Holy Spirit Movement of Reverend Youngsan Yonggi Cho and the Growth of Yoido Full Gospel Church

Mun Hong Choi

31(0) 63-85, 2014

The Significance of Spirit Christology: Frank D. Macchia s Pentecostal Critique of the Pneumatology of Donald G. Bloesch

Han-kyung Kim , Mun Chul Shin

31(0) 87-110, 2014

Self-Theologizing of the Three-Fold Blessing Which Occurred in the Ministry of Youngsan

Gwi Sam Cho

31(0) 111-148, 2014

Transnational Networks of Pentecostalism and the Rise of World Christianity in the Twentieth Century

Yeonseung Lee

31(0) 149-194, 2014

An Exploration of a New Life in the Spirit in Light of Pauline Epistles

Rohun Park

31(0) 195-220, 2014