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Vol.28 No.0

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영산신학저널 통권28호 Contents


28(0) 1-2, 2013

영산신학저널 통권28호 Preface


28(0) 4-30, 2013

Towards a Theology of Divine Presence: A Response to the Paul Yonggi Cho’s Teaching on the Holy Spirit

Frank D. Macchia

28(0) 7-35, 2013

The DNA of a Dreamer

César Castellanos Dominguez

28(0) 29-58, 2013

Cracked or Broken: Pentecostal Unity

Keith Warrington

28(0) 59-92, 2013

The Globalization of Pentecostalism and the Transformation of World Christianity

Allan H. Anderson

28(0) 105-137, 2013

A Study on the Tendency of Pastor David Yonggi Cho’s Sermon on the Text of the Coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4): From 1981 to 2013

Ho Sung Kim

28(0) 135-164, 2013

The Universality of Black Theology: Implications for Youngsan Theology

Seong Hun Choi

28(0) 171-220, 2013

The Journey to Mount Faith in Sören Kierkegaard: From Youngsan’s Theological Perspectives

Ok Joo Kim

28(0) 207-234, 2013

영산신학저널 통권28호 Contributors (printed in order)


28(0) 236-242, 2013

Published English Contents of Journal of Youngsan Theology


28(0) 241-242, 2013