Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Youngsan Theological Institute of Hansei University

Vol.19 No.0

Current Issue
영산신학저널 통권19호 Forewords

Moonchul Shin

19(0) 1-3, 2010

The Theology of John Calvin in the Perspective of Pentecostal Theology

Moon Myung Sun

19(0) 7-39, 2010

Youngsan’s Theology of Hope and Hope- Centered Education for Korean Adolescents

So Tae Young

19(0) 41-73, 2010

Between the Dimensions: Dr. Yonggi Cho’s Doctrine of the Fourth Dimension and Its Ontological Understanding

Oh Soon Seok

19(0) 75-91, 2010

The Social Salvation of Rev. Yonggi Cho and the Old Testament: His Sharing Love and Happiness in the Light of Deut. 15:1-11

Yoon Young Joon

19(0) 93-128, 2010

A Suggestion on the Methodology for the Studies on Pneumatology from the Pentecostal Perspective

Jang Kwang Jin

19(0) 129-163, 2010

Youngsan’s Understanding of Acts 19:1-7 and Its Validity

Cho Young Mo

19(0) 165-191, 2010